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Auto Tech Students Adapt to the New Normal

In March 2020 school and education as we know it changed. Classes were blasted into a trajectory that may never return to what they once were. Specifically, automotive technology courses were completely overhauled. From the hands-on skills sector to the classroom lecture some students will not get the full automotive technology experience that their prior classmates received. We must adjust to the “New Normal.” Instructors are now teaching with Go-Pros strapped to their bodies to visually display to the students not in person the intricacies that most would get in person.

Conversations with instructors have revealed many aspects of the “New Normal.” Some understand that this is just the beginning of what tomorrow will hold while others see how complicated it is to convey the details of the career of an automotive technician to students remotely. Keeping a young mind engaged at the end of an endless portal known as the internet, is a challenge but your Automotive Technology instructors across the greater Houston area are ready to face the task.

During this pandemic numerous school districts have found the desire to become accredited by the ASE Education Foundation. ASE Education Foundation Accreditation means that their program will standout against others as being represented and backed by a remarkably familiar and recognizable Blue Star of Automotive Service Excellence. Industry partners that support these programs can survey and give feedback on industry relevant curriculum as well as input on how the hands-on portion of the courses are handled.

Now more than ever it is important for industry partners to be a functioning part in how our future Automotive Technicians are developed and made ready for the workplace. If your business is not a part of a local Automotive Technology program you may be missing out on input as to how its educational tax dollars get spent every year. For information on how to get involved with local schools and to serve the never-ending demand for automotive technicians contact Matthew Northrup.

Matthew Northrup



ASE Education Foundation- Texas Field Manager