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November 16, 2020
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November 16, 2020
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Houston Auto Show Postponed but Marketing Power Not Forgotten

More than half of attendees to the Houston Auto Show expressed intent to purchase a new vehicle within six months of attending the event, per five years of private surveys taken by visitors exiting the show. Additionally, those attendees were influenced by brands participating in the Houston Auto Show and 80 percent rated the event as excellent.

The Houston Auto Show isn’t the only consumer auto show with these types of stats. The well-known New York Auto Show conducted a 10-year study that was featured in Automotive News. Essentially, this article highlights the importance of auto shows around the country, not only to consumers but also to dealers.

New car dealers, surveyed by NADA, indicated that without participation in an auto show their dealership traffic would decline and the absence would also hurt the brand. The majority of dealers surveyed were favorable to hosting auto shows in their cities and supporting the event.

However, current Covid conditions are just not favorable to hosting a large-scale event at this time. Many events around the country were canceled in 2020 and many more are being postponed in 2021. The Houston Auto Show has even moved from its traditional January date to mid-May in hopes that conditions will be improved. Not only is it vital to host this event for car sales and consumer education, but the Houston Auto Show is also a major revenue stream for the Houston Auto Dealers Association, which strongly supports local new car dealers legislatively and within the community.  

Auto Shows have huge marketing power for manufacturers and dealerships, and with these types of survey results from major events, the essence of a live auto show shouldn’t disappear from our communities or marketing plans. Read more about the New York Auto Show 10-year survey results in Automotive News (premium content):