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May 22, 2023
May 24, 2023
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“Have the Roaring 20’s Arrived Again?”

Chairman’s Column: Joe Chastang, Chastang Ford

When the first quarter sales report for the Houston Region arrived from InfoNation, Inc., I couldn’t help but wonder if the Roaring 20’s had made a comeback. The numbers were undeniably impressive, with total sales reaching 92,749 units in Q1-2023 compared to 73,011 units in Q4-2022 and 70,491 units in Q1-2022.

According to the report, the Houston Region last saw strong total vehicle sales in Q3-2015. It seems that after enduring the challenges posed by the pandemic, microchip shortage, and supply chain issues, the beginning of 2023 may mark a turning point for the auto industry.

In our town, every dealership is thriving like never before. Profits are soaring, and customers continue to show enthusiasm for the vehicles we offer, regardless of brand. There is truly nothing to complain about, and we must remain focused and diligent in our work.

While the future remains uncertain, I firmly believe in focusing on the present and controlling what we can. Currently, selling vehicles remains profitable, and the demand for them persists. Though the inventory issue is not entirely resolved, we have made significant progress and are prepared to face future challenges.

Instead of dwelling on what’s wrong, it is time for dealerships to focus on what’s right. Houston’s market is flourishing, with new residents arriving each week. By providing exceptional service and quality products, we are poised for even greater success in the future.

Successful dealerships must forge long-term relationships with their customers to ensure continued prosperity. This involves creating a comfortable and trustworthy service environment, addressing customer concerns promptly, treating individuals with respect, and demonstrating appreciation for their business. It is through exceptional service that we differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Moreover, the 88th Texas Legislature has been a busy session, with many significant bills under consideration. The combined efforts of the TADA, HADA, and local dealers are dedicated to advocating for the industry’s interests. A comprehensive legislative update will be provided at the end of the month to keep everyone informed.

Lastly, I am delighted to share that HADA recently awarded 100 scholarships worth $2,000 each to deserving students pursuing higher education. As we find ourselves midway through the year, progress continues to be positive and promising.

In conclusion, the echoes of the Roaring 20’s resound once more as the auto industry thrives in the Houston Region. By capitalizing on the current momentum, providing exceptional service, and embracing the changes ahead, we are well-positioned to shape a prosperous future for Houston’s dealerships and customers.