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Auto Audiences Are More Engaged with Multiscreen TV

Brittany Bastian, Sr. Measurement & Insights Analyst at Effectv

Multiscreen TV is an effective tool for engaging audiences, building brand awareness, and increasing customer lifetime value. A recent study called TV Makes Memories shows that respondents found automotive ads to be 44% more relevant and were 31% more engaged when viewed on multiscreen TV. This indicates that a larger, less distracting environment has a significant impact on audience engagement.

The study suggests that the messaging environment plays a crucial role in establishing the relationship between automotive advertisers and their prospective customers. In fact, respondents who saw a TV ad paired with a digital mobile ad had a 2.2x increase in brand recognition and a +40% improvement in brand attitude compared to those who only saw two digital mobile ads. This highlights the importance of using multiscreen TV as a tool to create a powerful and memorable advertising experience.

Findings from the latest TV Viewership Report support a similar multiscreen narrative for auto advertisers.  Using results from over 37,000 campaigns at Effectv during the second half of 2022, households that were reached by both TV and Streaming had a 20% higher frequency and 58% incremental reach than TV alone.  Streaming impressions were also 4x more likely to be seen within no-tv or light-viewing households who typically spend less than an hour a day with TV. 

In today’s landscape, a TV-only or streaming-only advertising strategy is not strong enough to support the brand-building power necessary for inspiring auto intenders into action. As such, automotive advertisers should leverage multiscreen TV to engage audiences along their consumer journeys, build brand power awareness, and increase the lifetime value of their customers. The TV Makes Memories study and TV Viewership Report provide insights into how to create a successful multiscreen campaign that resonates with audiences and drives results.