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February 22, 2023
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May 22, 2023
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Houston Auto Market News Q2 – 2023

Q2- 2023 Total & Retail Sales in Houston Were Up Compared To Q4-2022 & Q1-2023.

InfoNation says, “The roaring 20’s have arrived!” Not since Q3-2015 have total vehicle sales for the Houston region been stronger. The Houston region even outsold national sales during the last three years and finally, national sales are also on the upswing. It looks like inventory and pandemic challenges are subsiding some. Also, check out the new EV sales section of this report. Q1-2023 shows that 81.3% of vehicles sold were combustible engines with about 13% hybrids and EVs. Review the full report HADA-NEWSLETTER-VOL14-ISSUE2-MAY23 (FINAL)