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September 26, 2022
End of Year Chairman’s Corner
December 19, 2022
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Find and reach in-market buyers using high-quality data and engage targeted audiences wherever they watch. Effectv pairs industry data with 1st party-aggregated Comcast data to create a strategy that seamlessly reaches the right audience in specific geographies.

We have expanded our auto sales reporting to include AUTOFLYTE EDGE, a daily sales insights tool that pinpoints opportunities by model, geography, and competitor. This tool allows us to identify current sales trends in real time and determine the most effective strategy to achieve your goals.

Effectv wants to ensure advertisers get the most impactful results, so our investment in their success doesn’t stop once the campaign begins. We continually evaluate the products and schedules being used, as well as look at reporting tools, such as Polk and AUTOFLYTE EDGE, to determine what optimization should be employed to create the greatest return on investment.  Effectv can help deliver success by driving more website and foot traffic for Houston area dealerships.

Need creative? We’ve got you covered! Effectv’s award-winning creative agency, Mnemonic, can help brands deliver impactful messaging that resonates with car and truck buyers. Watch samples of some of their work.

Visit our website to see insights on how dealers are developing video advertising campaigns to reach and resonate with the targeted audience segments. Or reach out to Julie Jarnot, Effectv’s Automotive Sales Manager in Houston, to set up a meeting today:, 832-367-9551.